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European 4 in 1 Bracelet Tutorial

Welcome to the European 4 in 1 bracelet. This is an doable loop to make and example for beginners It is mend designed to unite quite snugly on your wrist All we need is a couple of pliers and bounce rings.

European 4 in 1 Bracelet Tutorial

European 4 in 1 Bracelet Tutorial

Welcome to the European 4 in 1 bracelet This is an possible purl to make and paragon for beginners. It is amend designed to unite entirely snugly on your wrist All we absence is a pair of pliers and skip rings The caper rings I have used are ID (internal diameter) 4.1mm using 1.02 mm wire

Initially make a minor string to use as a starting point.

On the last row attach one alert gambol round and put two closed spring rings through this and confidential

Part the two closed bounce rings to make a triangle

Next add another bright gambol circle connecting the two closed bounce rings. The new round needs to go through the sphere on the redress labourer party from the front, compass the back and through the closed circle on the left labourer side

I retain used a copper circle in the middle as it is easier to see how the loop develops.

Continue with the weave until you hold achieved the rectify length

Note: If you deficiency to put your task down put a cocktail stick through the last two closed rings. As the loop develops the centre circle runs in the identical rule It is so infuriating to finish the bracelet and realise the soul sphere changes direction.

You leave now retain a bracelet with three rows of skip ring. It is now circumstance to finish the sides

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On one band cubby-hole one bright bounce round through peak and hindmost gambol rings and confidential this Then preserve with the third and fourth rings until this troupe is complete.

The other crew is identical

Next is to attach the clasp Using the heart orb vocation a slightly larger hop globe and attach a toggle clasp and the other second the circle clasp

This bracelet is a uncommonly modifiable piece of handmade jewellery The kernel circle can be either copper or gold fill It is easy to use a thicker spirit orb and correct the look yet again Or even abandon it as a traditional European 4 in 1 bracelet Enjoy!