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A orb instantly evokes feeling of commitment, promise, heart and loyalty. This is because of its wanting union with weddings and engagements But is that why the concept of rings emerged or did they serve other purposes in ancient times?




Rings are said to posses originated in the Middle-East and travelled around the world from there It is uttered that they were used for three purposes in old times:

  • To wave status
  • To seal business or transactions
  • As a ticket of commitment in love
  • For ornamentation
  • As an instrument of menacing magic

The circumgyration was symbolic of paradise in most cultures and the fracture in the heart was considered a gateway to the unknown. Initially made with grass or paper, rings were crafted with ivory, leather, ring size chart, bone and gradually gold and platinum. Infact the pertinent used in the ring became a representation of the wearers or the givers monetary rank Roman men would aptitude iron rings to women as a cipher of ownership.Visit website

Ringswere moreover spoken to possess occult powers and be the carriers of black necromancy Charm rings engraved with symbols, talking and figures were worn during the Middle Ages to stay unharmed from evils.

In India, rings lair a quota of the solahsingaar or sixteen required treasure of women. It is said that Sita flung her globe to the instigation when Raavan abducted her, in the hope that Lord Rama would find it and come looking for her


Engagement/wedding rings, that documentation the coming together of two souls, posses always been worn on the third finger of the left hand There are several reasons and assumptions behind this tradition:

  • As most movies would further notify you, it is uttered that the fourth finger has a love vein- vena amoristhat runs directly to the heart. This however is TRUE fiction, as all further veins too befall the duplicate path
  • Early Christian priests would narrate the Trinitarian formula- In the duration of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- and fondle the thumb, the record finger, and the middle finger respectively and finally delay of the round finger and utter Amen to seal the nuptial This could be a ground for wearing a round on this finger.
  • A further heuristic assumption suggests that since most people are repair handed, wearing a sphere on the left labourer served experimental purposes
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Wedding rings used to be just childlike bands of metals but gradually gold, diamonds and now platinum became the metals of possibility The size of the diamond on the circle became an obsession as well as a manner to display status. Rings with pearl diamonds were the yardstick but now family seek out coloured diamonds as well as diamonds in strange shapes Platinum is another budding possibility for nuptial rings due to its rarity and durability. Personalized etched platinum ringsthat expression out peoples heart are increasingly being ordered